Yet another activity extremely well suited to this island. It does not take long even for a newcomer to discover that walking or hiking is the best way to discover this island. Not only the distances are short enough to walk, but you have a tremendous selection of routes to choose from, ranging from dense forest, to magnificent coastlines. If you keep a sharp eye along the endless hills of Cyprus you will notice that they are full of walking paths, not surprising really, since cars became affordable just 30 years ago.

Cyprus, having such a variety in topology can offer a route to suite anyone's tastes within an hours drive at the very most. In the Summer, the cool mountain ranges are preferred to the hot lowlands, while Spring and Autumn are simply spectacular anywhere on the Island. Personally my favourite time of the year to walk is winter which as you will see from the photos later can offer some dramatic scenery.

While you are out there walking, look out for birds, wild flowers, herbs, geological formations, subjects so rich in Cyprus that many people come specifically to study them. Needles to say a camera and pair of binoculars are a must on any outing along with some refreshments.

Hiking is a wonderful way to explore the Cyprus countryside, particularly in spring when flowers are blooming and summer when cool temperatures in the forests offer a refreshing alternative to the heat of the coast. For adventurous hiking head to the Troodos or the Akamas Peninsula, a thumb-shaped strip of land crisscrossed by rocky hiking trails. From the Aphrodite Trail hikers have spectacular views of rock formations, limestone outcroppings, cliffs and boulders sculpted into odd shapes suspended in the sea. Both the Aphrodite Trail and Adonis Trail branch out from the Baths of Aphrodite, a natural grotto. On other, western side of the peninsula is Avakas Gorge, popular as a day trip excursion from Pafos by jeep. 

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