THALASSA TOURISM, with its long experience, has specialized in preparing tailor-made interesting and imaginative incentive programs to satisfy good and expensive taste at highly competitive rates.

The island's rich history, culture and countryside offer the possibility for programs of perfect mix of activities. Crusader evenings, medieval ceremonies, Greco-Roman feasts, village festivals, jeep & safari adventures, Sea Safaris  and other programs, 4-WD expedition through villages, bus "adventure" (use of village buses, entertainment at a village square), picnic in mountain sites with musicians ,fireworks exhibition, party in mountain village, Beach party, performance in a castle or ancient amphitheatre ,traditional games and competitions are just but a few of the incentive options. 

For sure the aim is for the participants to get the necessary motivational reward from the trip and at the same time offer an unforgettable experience with plenty to tell when they return home.




Greek Roman Night
Poolside under the stars. Savoury delights buffet-style and plenty of wine. Waiters and participants dressed in tunics. Greek music and dancing. Authentic decoration with models dressed as ancient Gods and Goddesses performing numerous dances, for your pleasure.

A medieval fiesta
A encounter with history, trumpet fanfares, knights in combat, a medieval banquet, all in appropriate setting decorated with flaming torches.

Cyprus fiesta
Country style open air with all the trimmings, folklore music and dancing. Charcoal meat, fresh vegetables, potatoes and plenty of fruits and wine.

Pirate cruise
Landing on the shore of a secluded beach at sunset, a barbecue and dancing round a roaring bonfire to the sounds of drums. Lots of mystery and excitement on discovering hidden treasures.

Jeep treasure hunting
An exciting adventure and the most exhilarating way to see Cyprus off the beaten track. Small romantic villages and hidden historic treasures.


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