Spear-fishing (without aqualung) angling, fishing with vertical lines or trolling are the permitted methods for which no licence is required.

Special (sport) fishing licences are required by law for those fishermen who use:
1. Boats and fishing-nets, longlines and traps,
2. Spearguns with an aqualung
3. Spearguns with lights at night-without aqualung
4. Nets without a boat.

Konstantinos Kyriacou -karavostasi-CyprusThe licences have several conditions attached to them that regulate the gear used, the days, the licensees are allowed to fish and in certain cases (spearguns with aqualung and fishing at night with light), the allowable catches for each fishing trip.
Species of fish which can be caught: sea-breams, groupers, amber jacks, sea-perch etc.Fishing can be enjoyed in several spots on the sea - side or at dams. Fishing shelters are found at Zyghi, Protaras, Ayia Napa, Liopetri, Polis Latschi, Pegia, Pomos and Larnaca. 

Net fishing (boat, nets, etc.) can be provided to the interested client. Also, for the more audacious fishermen, fishing expeditions of a week on high sea can be organized. 

What about fishing competitions? You have come to the right team!




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