The Cyprus Cycling Federation organizes contests throughout the year. Participants are both Cypriot and foreigners who come to the island to enjoy cycling. Facilities for renting a bicycle are available in all towns and resorts. The mild weather in autumn, winter and spring make Cyprus ideal for the cross country and mountain biking enthusiast. 

The cycling routes range from 48Km to 168Km and cover both the plains and mountain routes through picturesque landscapes and villages. The advent of the mountain bike has created a renaissance in the cycling world. Less then 50 years ago the bicycle was one of the main forms of personal transport. As cars became more affordable, public transport more efficient, teenagers allowed to ride moped's, the bicycle become a decorative item in a shop window, or at best an exercise tool ( as we all got fatter ), but not any more.

Mountain bikes created a new trend, with their fancy colors, aggressive looks, and incredible versatility. Not only one looks cool on a mountain bike, but one can climb a hill, ride through a forest trail, or go shopping and enjoy the ride at the same time, which makes it easy to understand why so many bikes are being sold today. What is not so easy to understand, is why most bikes sold in Cyprus end up in the corner of a garage, collecting dust, especially if one takes into account the fact that Cyprus is a heaven for the cyclist. Near perfect weather, a tremendous choice of routes for all abilities and tastes, friendly people and such variety in scenery. Sadly, most bikes hibernate simply because people have not discovered where and how to enjoy their bikes.

If the idea of burning calories while having a great time sounds interesting, stay tuned and discover one of the greatest pleasures of this island. Whether you are 8 or 80, short, tall, slim or not, absolute beginner or hard core cyclist, there is a trail out there that will put a smile on your face.

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