Private Yacht Chartering

Private Yacht Chartering 

Day Cruise with us Sail in style by chartering your own-skippered yacht, either in Limassol or Paphos-Latsi, giving that extra touch to your holidays. You choose the day, the time, the type of yacht and cruise and we will be there!

Whether is a half-day, full-day or sunset cruise, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience with the most comfortable yachts. Sailing, snorkeling, fishing, swimming in crystal clear waters, relaxing on the deck or even take the wheel are some of the excitements for having a wonderful day just for your self.

Ayia Napa / Protaras Day Cruises

Sail at the Famagusta area which has built up it's reputation for it's superb coastline and dive at the area's crystal waters. An array of beaches along the famous windmill valley stretching up to the famous Cape Greco, offers a spectacular and fiery view of the sunsets that have to be seen to be believed.

With it's superb beaches, Famagusta area has become a big draw for sun seekers. Ayia Napa once a small fishing village it is now well known for it's colourful ambience, the local cuisine and the exciting night life, while Protaras is more of a romantic holiday. In the Famagusta area life mostly revolves around the sea and the sun with a laid back attitude. Water sports of all kinds are readily available.

Ayia Napa Harbour
The local point of the resort is the small harbour where the tavernas specialise in fresh fish harvested by the colourful fishing vessels. The marina is within walking distance from the town centre and the remarkable sandy beaches.

Larnaca Day Cruises

In Larnaca, day cruises are arranged at the area's sandy beaches or at Ayia Napa.
As the home of the island's main international airport, Larnaca offers many visitors the first taste of Cyprus. The town's seafront is vaguely reminiscent of the continental promenade, with it's line of mature palm trees and it's languid air of sleepy charm. Cafés and tavernas line the area near the sea, making this a popular spot for visitors and Cypriots alike. Nearby is the Marina, frequented by yachtsmen from all over the world.

Larnaca Marina
Larnaca Marina is located in the town centre and next to the promenade. In the marina you can find:
Port Police, Water, Telephones, Rest-rooms / Showers, Taxis, Convenience Store, Petrol Station, Cafeteria

Limassol Day Cruises

Sail from St. Raphael's luxurious marina, where our yachts are based and view the spectacular boats. Cruise from there through the Limassol coastline and enjoy the town's and mountain's scenery. Arriving at Ladies mile beach, you can walk along the sandy beach and swim in the crystal, calm waters. Also available are cruises to the Governor's beach or the Zygi area. Diving, night cruises and fishing at the Limassol waters can also be enjoyed.

Combining it's roles as the second largest city, the island's main port, the centre of the wine industry and a bustling holiday resort, LIMASSOL emerges as a spirited and cosmopolitan seaside city. It is a lively resort with a ten mile coastline, busy shopping centres, countless tavernas and restaurants, and a nightlife to suit tastes ranging from modest to sophisticated. The city is known for the spontaneous hospitality of it's people, it's archaeological sites, it's medieval castles and its merry carnival and wine festivals.

Note: St. Raphael Resort guests are allowed a 20% discount on all cruise prices.

Limassol Marina
The Limassol Marina is located at the St. Raphael Hotel at the ancient city of Amathunda. It is 10Km from the Limassol centre and a very short distance from the Limassol Tourist area. In the Marina you can find:
Port Police, Water and electricity at every berth, Supermarket, Petrol Station, Cafeteria- Restaurant, taxi Office, Telephones, Rest-rooms / Showers, Hotel.

Paphos - Latsi Day Cruises

Day cruises at Paphos area are managed from Latsi (approx. 30min. drive from the town of Paphos). From there you can sail to the Akamas national park, which is an ideal area for sailing, swimming and exploring. You will have the chance to visit the Baths of Aphrodite, see the old harbour and amphitheatre, swim in the beautiful warm waters of the blue lagoon and the Akamas shipwreck.

Capital of the West and positively teaming with history is Paphos, site of the island's second international airport. The resort town has its charming fishing harbour as the focal point. Paphos is an attractive resort for more quiet and romantic vacations. Aphrodite, the mythological goddess of love was born here, and it is in Paphos where her famous Baths of Aphrodite and the "Fontana Amorose" (the fountains of love) echo her apparent penchant for Cyprus and Paphos in particular. The legacy of Paphos' remarkable history adds up to nothing less than an open museum. Among the treasures unearthed are the remarkable mosaics, the ancient Odeon theatre, the Byzantine museum, the district Archaeological museum and others.

Paphos Harbour
The focal point of Paphos is the charming harbour by the town centre and the tourist area lined with open-air cafés and tavernas that serve a tempting menu of the days catch. The marina and its cafés are an attraction for both locals and tourists alike. Into the harbour you can find:
Port Police, Convenience Store, Cafés - Restaurants, Taxi Office, Telephones, Rest Rooms / Showers

Latsi Fishing Harbour
It is located in the centre of the Latsi village, 30 minutes drive from the town of Paphos. There you can find:
Restaurants - Cafés, Supermarket, Water Facilities, Telephones, Port Police.

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